Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Are you afraid of a dentist? Not anymore! Welcome to our gentle dental practice!

Dental phobia
CBT is of a range of techniques than can be used to make the experience comfortable for patients who feel anxious about having dental treatment, & the results of this study look promising for those who experience extreme dental phobia.
As agreed upon by many Brooklyn dentists including our Bensonhurst Brooklyn Occi Dental of Brooklyn specialists, dental phobia is a serious issue because it deters some people from ever going to the dentist, except when they are in extreme pain. At this stage, they may need more invasive treatment than might be the case in the event that they went to the dentist regularly. Sadly, this cycle of anxiety, non-attendance & pain is often repeated in the children of those with dental phobia, perpetuating the issue & feeding another generation of oral health issues.
All our OcciDental of Brooklyn dentists are highly-skilled, caring health professionals in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn who are trained to put patients at ease. Our Brooklyn dentists have undertaken additional training in techniques, such as acupuncture, & naturally, CBT.